BUSINESS DIRECTORY is a leading Christian job site, offering resources to employers and job seekers in the area of personnel and staff relations.
Our vision is that Christ's church is released, by the growth and development of Christ-centred leaders, to achieve her full Kingdom potential, accomplishing her global mission with increased effectiveness, greater vibrancy and vitality.
The Mission of Equipping God's people to be good stewards of their time so that they may advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ and bring Him glory.
(kfrnetwork discount code: pboles) We equip servant leaders to live by God's design for their finances, work and life ... to advance transformation.
Marketplace Leader's mission is to equip men and women to fulfill God's calling in and through their work life and to raise up change agents who will influence the culture for Jesus Christ
( discount code: pboles) Creating a credible financial plan for your startup can be an overwhelming task. The Startup Financial model walks you through the important questions step-by-step.

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